About us?

We are a married couple of Entrepreneurs, driven by love for pets. We are located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a beautiful island that adopted us, enveloped us with its beautiful seas and landscapes.

Why did we decide to start this project?

Because our pets need quality products that can make our lives a little easier. Because in many cases the life that we currently lead is complicated enough to complicate it for our pets, with products and things that do not work correctly !!!

Our philosophy in the case of pets is that we have to give back to them all that love they give us every day. Remember that they love you more than themselves. Our pets do not care if we have money or not, if we are ugly or pretty, skinny or fat ... They only look inside us and hopefully humanity will become as special as these beings full of love. We strongly believe that the best medicine for our spiritual ailments is the sweetness of a pet. For us there are many happy days, but the happiest have been those, when our pets decided to adopt us and give us all their love. I hope this clearly answers that question of Who are we? Since this question has to exist on every WEB page.