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ADVANCE Puppy Maxi | Food for large breed puppies

ADVANCE Puppy Maxi | Food for large breed puppies

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ADVANCE Puppy Maxi | Food for large breed puppies

If your puppy is Maxi, that is, if his weight once he develops and becomes an adult is greater than 30kg; You need a specific product that helps you grow strong and healthy.

Advance Maxi Puppy is a high-end food formulated to meet its specific nutritional needs, promoting the maximum development of its digestive and immune system, strengthening its defenses and guaranteeing the correct development of its bones, with an easy-to-digest food.

In addition, the size of the Advance Maxi Puppy kibble adapts to the size of your Medium puppy's jaw.

Advance Puppy Maxi is especially indicated for large breed puppies from 2 to 12 months of age.

Advance Puppy Maxi contains an exclusive formula with nucleotides which helps improve the efficiency of cell replication and facilitates maximum development of all the puppy's tissues. The enhancing effect of cell replication allows the rapid activation of the immune system and raises the threshold of the immune barrier against pathogens and the rapid development of intestinal function.

The incorporation of prebiotics, probiotics and immunoglobulins in the formula facilitates, protects and develops intestinal health. Its ingredients are integrated into the nutrient absorption process in an easier way and help achieve full functioning of the digestive system sooner, to provide more intestinal health from day one.

Advance incorporates in all its formulas an effective antioxidant combination such as vitamin C and E, bioflavonoids, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese and taurine.

Help your puppy from 2 to 12 months to grow healthy with Advance Puppy Maxi and, when it enters the second phase of growth, starting at 12 months, it continues to promote its development with Advance Maxi Junior .

All features at a glance:

  • Reduction of the negative effects of oxidation , contributes to delaying cellular aging.
  • Improvement of the functioning of the different systems of the animal organism: central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, urinary system and immune system.
  • With optidigest: The digestive system is the main organ of the immune system and, in the face of external aggression, a quick response is essential.
  • With immunoglobulins: Efficient digestion reduces the size of feces and reinforces the dog's natural defenses.
  • With Advance Protein System , which provides an optimal level of protein, helping to develop strong muscles and a good condition for the dog.
  • With essential nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, biotin and zinc, for healthy and shiny skin and coat.
  • With a high contribution of taurine , the most abundant free amino acid in the heart muscle, for the good health of your pet's heart.
  • With pyrophosphates (mineral salts) that prevent the formation of tartar.
  • With DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids: They help the correct development of the central nervous system, the learning process and your pet's vision.
  • With an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio for balanced development and growth of puppies.
  • Chicken and rice as main ingredients: source of highly digestible carbohydrates and proteins, for balanced nutrition.

Advance Puppy Protect has been specially developed for puppies, incorporating nucleotides with a profile identical to those contained in breast milk.

Benefits of nucleotides:

  • They allow the rapid activation of the dog's immune system.
  • They ensure maximum growth according to the genetic potential of each puppy.
  • They promote the development of intestinal function.

Immunoglobulins, incorporated into the feed, improve intestinal health by reducing pathogenic bacteria and protecting the intestinal mucosa, thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

The new Advance Baby Protect Puppy Maxi formulas contain a mixture of natural dietary fibers that exert a prebiotic effect on the puppy's intestinal flora. These fibers promote the development of beneficial intestinal flora, and with it, the health of your puppy. Thanks to immunonutrients, by feeding your puppy with the Advance Puppy Protect Maxi range, you boost its immune system and build, from day one, its future health.

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