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VIRBAC Hpm BABY Dog Small Toy

VIRBAC Hpm BABY Dog Small Toy

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VIRBAC Hpm BABY Dog Small Toy

Veterinary HPM Baby Dog Small & Toy is a complete diet for puppies of small and miniature breeds up to 10 months of age. In addition, it is also indicated for small and miniature breed dogs that are pregnant or nursing their pups .

VETERINARY HPM™ is a new generation of dog food designed to closely meet the nutritional needs of carnivores. It is based on a formula low in carbohydrates and rich in animal proteins. The result is nutrition that adapts perfectly to your dog's needs.

Virbac Baby Dog Small & Toy feed has 35% protein, of which 90% is of animal origin.

Small breed puppies grow very quickly so their requirements in terms of energy, proteins and minerals are high. Furthermore, their digestive system is delicate and their immune system is immature, so they need a food adapted to it, and that ensures healthy growth.


  • Particularly fast growth (<10 months). The high energy and digestibility of the diet covers the necessary requirements to allow intense and rapid growth. The high protein content, with balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus, contributes to healthy growth.
  • High energy contribution. With its high fat content it allows it to satisfy the intense requirements for growth during this period.
  • Immune reinforcement. The beta-glucan supplement promotes the acquisition of their own defenses in puppies, improves the response to vaccines and increases the level of resistance to diseases.
  • Digestive tolerance. The low starch content helps ensure that the feed is well tolerated by the animal's digestive system. The choice of prebiotics and probiotics regulate intestinal transit and contribute to a balanced intestinal flora.
  • Control of dental tartar. The formulation of the diet helps limit the formation of tartar and ensure good oral and dental health at a very early age. 


Thanks to its nutritional profile and precise selection of functional ingredients, VETERINARY HPM™ is more than just a dog food. It contains a wide variety of health benefits, allowing your dog to enjoy better protection of its physiological state and maintain good general health.

How to use

Body weight (Kg)

Daily ration (g/day)

Age (months)
2 3 4-6 7 8-9 10
0.5 fifty Four. Five 35 35
1 80 70 60 55 Four. Five 40
1.5 105 90 75 70 60 fifty
2 125 110 95 85 75 65
3 165 145 125 110 100 80
4 200 175 150 135 120 100
5 200 175 155 140 115
6 195 175 155 130
7 195 175 145
8 215 190 160
9 205 170
10 185

These amounts are indicative and may vary depending on the breed and activity level of the puppy.

Dehydrated pork and poultry proteins, rice (minimum 4%), animal fats, peas, potato starch (minimum 4%), hydrolyzed pork and poultry proteins, lignocellulose, minerals, broad bean pods, beet pulp, linseed , fish oil, brewer's yeast (source of beta-glucans), psyllium fiber (Plantago (L.) spp.), fructooligosaccharides, Lactobacillus acidophilus, chondroitin sulfate.

Veterinary HPM™ contains no artificial flavors or colors

Analytical constituents:

(% as food): Moisture 9%, protein 35%, animal/vegetable protein ratio 90/10, crude fat 21%, minerals 7.5%, crude cellulose 4%, ELN*: 23.5%, starch: 19%, calcium: 1.2%, phosphorus: 1.1%, Ca/P ratio: 1.1, sodium: 0.5%, omega-6 fatty acids: 2.5%, Omega-3 fatty acids: 1%

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